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"Neale Smith and Process Performance are instrumental in my recipe for success.  Neale provides a great understanding of the mental process to perform well not only in golf but in everyday life. Thanks Neale and look forward to much continued success."  Jason Bohn, PGA Tour.


“I have been a professional golfer for 10 years, playing on the PGA Tour for 4 years, Nationwide Tour for 5 and also a member of the Australasian Tour. I have been seeing Neale Smith for 7 months and have seen a dramatic change in my outlook on golf.

Believe me; I have seen a lot of Sport Psychologists in my time as I am a hot headed athlete in a highly competitive sport. Other Sport Psychologists would give a lot of words out of a book that you could buy anywhere. The difference with Neale is that he has been there and done that. I can speak to him on an athlete level and he can understand what I am talking about. I believe my association with Neale will help take me to the highest level of golf that I can achieve.” Paul Gow, PGA Tour. 

“Neale Smith and Process Performance has been a tremendous help to myself and my team. Learning to focus our attention on the process and less on the outcome, as well as the Performance Pie, has enabled my players to compete more efficiently and enjoy themselves more. For anyone trying to take their golf game to the next level, Neale Smith’s approach can definitely do that.

His methods worked for me when I was a full time touring professional as well as now as Head Coach at a major university. Process Performance not only tells you to play “one shot at a time”, it also gives you techniques on how to do so. I give Neale Smith and Process Performance my highest recommendation.” Conrad Ray, Head Coach, Stanford University Men’s Golf Team.

“Neale has a phenomenal understanding of the game of golf and the individual aspects of each athlete’s performance pie. It is through his ability to communicate and apply this understanding that he has raised the bar. He has experienced tremendous success competing in professional golf, and track and field. It is natural, due to his competitive edge, for him to identify with athletes on a personal level. He has helped me establish and adapt my recipe for success through identifying addressing the issues that have hindered my ability to be fully empowered. Neale’s guidance has enabled me to allow all the ingredients of my performance pie to work together consistently in the direction of goals. I look forward to working with Neale for a long time to come.” David Faught, Canadian Tour. South African Tour Rookie of the year.

“I wanted to update on you my progress. Last week I played in the California Amateur qualifier. I shot 64, broke the course record and won the qualifier by 6 shots. I have been using the relaxation and imagery disc you made for me and this was the first competitive round in my life where I felt completely relaxed and did not worry about my score. I felt like I have made so much progress in the past couple of months and now it’s translating into confidence.” JJ Wood, Pepperdine University.

“From his days playing on the PGA Tour, Neale knows what it takes to get to the highest level of professional golf. That experience combined with his knowledge in sport psychology, fitness and nutrition, gives him a powerful tools to help the competitive golfer. I would recommend Neale’s program to anyone serious about improving their overall performance on the golf course.” Paul Smolinski, Head Coach, UC Irvine Men’s Golf Team.

"I began working with Neale in my second season as a Master's track sprinter. I came to him with the lofty goal of winning the World Masters Championship in the 100m. Over the course of the season, Neale taught me the benefits of imagery and helped me determine my personal process. Neale worked with me on and off the track, and came to some of my workouts and meets. This was particularly helpful for me as he could see certain things, particularly at meets, that I did not always see myself. He taught me to set appropriate challenging goals and refine my process to accomplish my goals. While a World Championship in my second season seemed to most people to be overly ambitious and maybe a bit ridiculous, Neale taught me to stretch myself to make that challenge a reality. I ended that second season with a gold medal that said World Champion. Thank you Neale." Colleen Barney, World Masters 100m Champion, 2004.




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